Consumer Reports: Kids and Hot Cars

Hot Car(CONSUMER REPORTS) —  44 children died last year from heat stroke inside cars.

One of them was the 9 month old son of Lyn Balfour.  She says a change in routine and an emergency phone call from work led to the unthinkable. She didn’t realize, instead of dropping Bryce off with his babysitter, she’d left him behind in the car in her office parking lot and went into work.

The high temperature that day – only 66 degrees. On an 80-degree day, Consumer Reports engineers found even with the windows  partially open, the temperature jumped to 110 degrees in just eight minutes.

Consumer Reports evaluated a car seat that’s supposed to sense a child’s weight and alert you once you turn off the car.
And there are mobile apps like Baby Reminder and Infant Reminder are also supposed to alert parents. But Consumer Reports says ideally technology should be integrated into the carseat or car.

For now, keep something you need like your cell phone in the back seat to remind you to check for your child.

The website www.kidsandcars.org has a petition you can sign through August 13, 2014 to help prevent child deaths in hot vehicles.

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  1. Citizen A says:

    I never remember “forgetting” my child – not in a car, not anywhere. Now we live in a world of distraction and people have difficulty focusing on the here and now and simply being present. There is a reason someone once said, “Take time to smell the roses.” We were not meant to rush through our lives as if racing to the endpoint. It is excellent advice to leave your cellphone in the backseat with your child, especially when many value that phone more than life itself.

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