Consumer Reports: Great Grills

GrillYonkers, N.J. — Consumer Reports has turned up the heat, to help you find the best gas grill, for your outdoor feasts.
They tested more than 100 gas grills, from brands like Kenmore, Weber, Char-Broil and Broil-Mate to find the hottest choices.
This test uses sensors to measure the temperature at various points on a grill’s cooking surface. That data is then used to create temperature maps.
For large grills, Consumer Reports says the large $700 Kenmore sold at Sears is a great choice. It earned high scores for evenness and a separate side burner is a nice feature.
When it comes to a mid-size grill, the highly-rated 550-dollar Weber Spirit is widely available. It heats quite evenly and has cast iron grates.
For a smaller grill, Consumer Reports recommends the 200-dollar Broil-Mate, available at Home Depot. It’s still a decent size and also delivers very even
If your grill has yellow or uneven flames, that’s a sign it’s time to clean the burner ports. A toothpick can help clear them.  If that doesn’t solve the problem, or you spot corrosion, it could be time for new burners. They are the most frequently replaced grill part and can be under warranty from the manufacturer for 10 years or longer — which means replacing them could be free!