Consumer Reports: Amazon Fire

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(CONSUMER REPORTS) – Consumer Reports tested Amazon’s first smart phone, the Amazon Fire. It did earn a rating of “very good,” however, experts were not wowed.

The Fire boasts a 3-D display and FireFly technology, which identifies objects by scanning them and recognizing songs and movies.

A series of tests were run on the phone and the results are about the same as other phones on the market. In a voice quality test, it matches up with other smart phones. The photo lab test ranks it’s pictures having very good quality. It’s battery life is poor however and is shorter than many phones, including some from LG and Samsung.

Glenn Derene with Consumer Reports explains, “The Amazon Fire’s bells and whistles are interesting, but it’s not enough to make it a great phone. When it comes to core functionality, there are many better options.”

Consumer Reports recommended phones include: the Samsung Galaxy S 5, the HTC One and the newly tested LG G3.