Construction Delayed On Biddle Road

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Major road work has slowed down drivers during one of the busiest shopping times of the year. That major road work was supposed to be done before Halloween, but now it will be pushed back until after Christmas.

The intersection of Biddle and McAndrews in Medford is getting new turn lanes, but long lines and traffic delays from holiday shoppers is pushing the completion date back. The developers of Northgate have been working at the intersection of Biddle and McAndrews to put in new left turn lanes and new signals.

The city wanted them to finish by October, but it didn’t happen, and as the work continued, the traffic backed up. Drivers say that intersection is already extra busy during the holidays, and the traffic backups made it even worse. The public works department even admitted the backups were intolerable.

In response, the city told the developers to delay its work until after Christmas, in order to avoid more serious delays from holiday traffic. That comes as a relief to some drivers to shop or work in that area. Some drivers NewsWatch12 spoke with on Tuesday said they saw traffic backed up to riverside at certain times and it was forcing them to find detours around the busy intersection.

“We just started going a different direction, find a different way if we’re going this way, we take the long way around,” said local shopper Bob Burnett.

The construction crews and machinery are out of that area, and will pick back up after Christmas. The Medford Public Works Department says once the work begins again, the developers are expected to finish everything by January 28th.