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PHOENIX, Ore. — Last week, people were shocked to hear several grocery stores in Southern Oregon would be closing, including the Ray’s in Phoenix. The Ray’s store manager in Phoenix, however, says they have just received word they will not be closing.

Last week, Ray’s Food Place in Phoenix announced it will be closing at the end of the year, but it’s not the only business off of Exit 24 shutting down. Several other stores in that same location have closed or relocated in the past year, but not because of financial issues like Ray’s, but because of the new Exit 24 interchange coming through.

The 76 gas station sits in the path of the new interchange, and is officially shutting off its gas pumps and closing its doors at 5:45 a.m. Monday.

On the plus side, it will be re-opening on the other side of the street, but not until this spring.

While some people we spoke with say the gas station closure is going to be a bad for the town, others say this is a window of opportunity for the town to grow and redevelop for the better.

“It’s hard to see things old go out that you are used to, but sometimes if you can embrace the change and work with it. Change is inevitable,” said a woman who prefers to remain anonymous.

The gas station along with the Goofy’s furniture building along with a couple other buildings will be torn down in the next few months.

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  1. Dave says:

    as the person who own the triangle property in the middle of the construction who is fighting tooth & nail to keep their land, ODOT just moved more north of the property which they have given a 97 year old woman notice she has to move by March, “We are going right through your house.” She has lived, and raised her family there. Just isn’t right that they can do that.

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