Construction Begins On Ashland Plaza

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ASHLAND, Ore. – Changes are on their way to the Ashland Plaza. Crews began preliminary work before the heavier construction begins in early January.

An archaeological survey marks the beginning of the redesign process. The final plans for the plaza were approved by the Ashland City Council in august after months of public input and planning.

Among the changes, trees will be cut down and others planted and more seating options will be available. City officials say none of the historical elements of the plaza, like the Lithia water fountains, will be changed.

Officials are hoping construction will be wrapped up by early march and with finishing touches being made until later that month. City officials say the timing of the construction was chosen when there are the least amount of tourists.

Local business around the plaza say as long as parking isn’t affected, they don’t think they’ll feel much of an impact from the construction.