Conservationists Sue Over Timber Sale

6-18 crater lakeCRATER LAKE, Ore. – A Portland conservation group is filing a lawsuit over a timber sale near Crater Lake, which they say threatens the states’ most famous wolf.

Oregon Wild is suing the U.S. Forest Service over the Bybee Timber Sale, covering a 2,000-acre area near Crater Lake.

They say that area is too close to the last known location of OR-7, the first breeding wolf in western Oregon in seven decades.

“We just don’t want to do anything that would harm those wolves or take them away from their den site,” said Doug Heiken, a Forest Policy Analyst with Oregon Wild. “That’s our big concern with this timber sale.”

The lawsuit comes after Oregon Wild appealed the sale and lost. The agency also acknowledges they would challenge the sale even if OR-7 wasn’t in the area, on the basis that the land covered in the sale is pristine.

The U.S. Forest Service argues in a statement to Newswatch 12 that the timber sale will increase forest resiliency and reduce risk of wildfire, while benefiting the economy.