Concerns For Justice Court Closure

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. – This year the state started taking a bigger chunk of money out of traffic ticket revenue and that change could force the closure of a Jackson County Court.

If you’ve received a traffic ticket in Jackson County, odds are you’ve made your way to the justice court in Central Point. Resident Tawney Callahan from Central Point prefers the convenience of handling tickets at the justice court as opposed to at a circuit court.

“You’d have to go through the metal detectors, you’d have to go down town and parking is not as easy. Besides, I live close by so it’s just really convenient,” Callahan said.

Jackson County officials stated that unless changes are made in Salem, the court may have to close within a year.

“The Justice Court is not a function that is supported by county tax payer dollars. It’s a function that is supported from offender-driven revenues,” explained County Administrator Danny Jordan

Jordan said the state started to take a bigger chunk of ticket revenue and now the court is having trouble staying afloat.

“The state legislator changed the law which drained funding that we used to use to fund the court from those offender payments and made those payments to the state,” said Jordan. Jordan also said they should have an idea of the future of the court when the legislative session begins later this winter.