Other Cab Drivers Worried After Murder

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MEDFORD, Ore. – After a local cab driver was found murdered on Sunday, police are searching for a suspect. The incident has drivers with other cab companies worried about their own safety. Many companies knew Huson and said he followed safety measures. Huson’s death is already impacting other drivers.

Taxi services across the valley said everybody knew William Huson. Now his friends from other companies say they are shocked to see this happen to a fellow cab driver. William Huson, friends knew him as Huey, worked as a cab driver for more than 20 years in Medford.

Fellow cab companies said he was well known and well liked among drivers and the community. They also said he closely followed cab driver safety precautions, he never carried too much cash, and frequently checked in with dispatchers about where he was. Since the news of the shooting, the companies said they have other drivers worried about their safety, and some have even asked to quit their jobs.

The owners of Yellow Cab and Affordable Taxi said they plan on paying their respects to Huson by stopping service on their taxis on the day of the funeral. They also want to give their drivers the opportunity to attend the service. There’s no set date for Huson’s memorial service just yet, but the companies NewsWatch12 spoke with on Monday said they’re trying to recruit other taxi services to take part and pay tribute to their fellow driver.