Concealed Handgun Classes On The Rise

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — The sales of guns have increased throughout both the United States and Southern Oregon, and local firearm instructors are also seeing business boom.

Oregon State Police report more than 32,000 background checks for potential gun owners were performed between December 14th and January 3rd, that number is more than double from the same time period a year ago.

A concealed carry instructor NewsWatch12 spoke with in Grants Pass on Monday said business is booming and he has four times as many classes this month as he did last year. Typically, Wilson Clow put on one instruction class a month. This month alone Clow says he has a class scheduled every weekend.

Clow says there has been an increase since Josephine County’s Sheriff’s Department was down sized last year. However, he says the most recent spike began about a month ago because he says people are concerned about personal safety. Clow says there is one demographic who is registering much more than usual.

“The bulk of the people lately have been women. It’s been about fifty percent women, particularly women who are professionals. I get a lot of women who close up the businesses at dark. They’re walking out to the parking lot and feeling scared,” said Clow.

Clow says he has a class scheduled for first responders next week and has done one for taxi drivers in the past. Clow says he expects business to continue to increase for the near future but thinks eventually everyone interested in taking the class will have done so and will have obtained a concealed handgun license.