Concealed Carry Is Private In Oregon

MEDFORD, Ore. – In the wake of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. The battle between gun rights versus gun control is becoming more intense.

The fight is grown particularly bitter in the northern New York City suburbs. Just after the massacre in Newton last month, “The Journal News” newspaper published the names and addresses of all registered gun owners in Westchester and Rockland counties. The move was perfectly legal under New York’s freedom of information laws, but caused outrage among gun-rights advocates.

The situation in New York is reminding some of a lawsuit in Jackson County filed in 2007. It started when the Mail Tribune wanted to confirm the name of a Medford teacher wanting to take her concealed weapon to school. The paper asked Sheriff Mike Winters for a list of concealed weapon permit holders, but the sheriff refused. The Mail Tribune took the case to court and won in circuit court. Sheriff Winters appealed and the appeals court also sided with the paper.

Last year, after 3 years of debate, legislation was signed by Oregon’s governor that prohibits public agencies from disclosing the names or other private information of concealed weapons license holders in most cases.


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  1. commonsense says:

    See, the Sheriff was right!

  2. randy johnson says:

    I am once again appalled at the anti-gun crowd / lobby using a criminal act to re-launch their agenda, riding the waves of emotion following another appalling criminal / terrorist shooting on American soil. One thing that doesn’t seem to be told are the staggering number of crimes prevented / stopped without a shot being fired each and every year in the USA. The media (my profession for 20 years) SHOULD be bringing out those numbers too, as a service to the medias listeners / viewers / and readers who are emotionally affected at such a time of national mourning.
    As I stated nationally many times, “A gun is an effective paperweight loaded and ready to fire sitting on a table in front of you. You can tell it to shoot, but they haven’t made voice command for a gun yet. A PERSON has to pick up the gun AND aim it and pull the trigger BEFORE any danger exists; except to every gun owners’ rights in America every time some criminal kills our fellow Americans, and the anti-gun lobby uses the incident to try again!”
    TRY THIS AMERICA; Don’t forget all us fellow Americans who are disarmed under law, who could not stop the situation BECAUSE we are law abiding legal gun owners. I agree with the President when he stated that now is not the time to debate gun rights for all us legal gun owners. The anti-gun lobby is using our emotional reaction to shameless killings by a criminal, who by definition, does not care about the law.
    I personally don’t like the idea of being in such a situation and the only thing I can do BECAUSE OF the anti-gunners CHANGES to the laws we all must live under, is throw my body as a shield to prevent someone’s death! The laws of states have effectively disarmed law abiding gun owners, who are not the problem, or the ones who commit school shootings. BUT ANY ONE OF US COULD save your life, your child’s life, or certainly another Americans life would be spared if the laws allowed us to. One principal who was a gun owner, complied with the law of keeping guns a distance from a school, had to run to his car to get his gun, run back into the school and confront the armed student. NO ONE got shot, the student surrendered when confronted with deadly force. This sort of situation happens every day in America. The national media, however, fails to report such sides of such a tragic driven issue, in the emotional wake of criminal gun use on American soil.

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