Community Reassured by Grubbs Search

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ASHLAND, Ore. — Community members are still on edge but hoping some clues develop from an all day search in connection with the David Grubbs’ murder.

Ashland police officers served three search warrants Wednesday. One at a home in Ashland, another in Talent and on a vehicle. Multiple law enforcement agencies worked together to search the properties.

“It’s never been a secret in the Grubbs case that we were looking for an edged weapon. So, obviously we will be looking for that and of course, trace evidence of any kind,” said Ashland Police Chief Terry Holderness.

This coming Monday marks the one year anniversary of Grubbs’ death and Ashland residents like Susan Marsden believe it’s left a wound in the community that’s never healed.

“I pass by this memorial everyday and I think about his family and you know, my heart breaks for them,” said Marsden.

Ashland police officers are not releasing if they found any solid evidence. But a few steps forward in the investigation is what residents say is reassuring.

“There’s been no kind of information on this side and that’s been difficult. I just hope it turns up something that leads to some sort of resolution on the case because it’s remained this kind of incredible tragedy and also a mystery that’s a little bit scary about who might be out in the community,” said Marsden.

The search warrants came on a day which marked a milestone for some. Community members finished installing a bench and light along the bike path in honor of Grubbs.