Community Reacts To Casino

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Neighboring business owners said they are eager to learn what this new casino could mean for their bottom line. As plans for the casino unfold, word of the possible new addition has many business owners on the edge of their seats. Habitat for Humanity, Char’s Kitchen Express and Skinners Autoplex are all in the line of sight from the land chosen by the Coquille Tribe. While there is a general sentiment of excitement, they are hoping to learn more.

Habitat for Humanity runs a re-store, selling donated items to help fund their cause to help low income families. They moved to that location exactly one year ago and said traffic in the area had brought it a lot of customers. While they believe the casino could mean more customers through their doors, there could be many impacts tied to that build.

Skinners Autoplex owners said they are extremely excited at the thought of a casino sharing the block with them. Business owners in the area said Walmart has already bumped up their foot traffic and can only imagine the casino will add to an already booming part of town. Habitat for Humanity said they are looking to buy the property that they are currently in; this announcement will weigh heavily on their decision and the process of purchasing that space.


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  1. Jeffrey Foust says:

    I think that’s its great as long as our Elected officials make sure that
    the jobs created. are real living wage jobs …

    1. sam white says:

      Jeffery, that’s a great sentiment but these jobs are going to be minimum wage, dead end jobs, not living wage jobs. And I have no faith that our Jackson County (good ole boy) elected officials have any interest in this issue.

    2. Gina Hammon says:

      I agree. I also think that the Casino needs to pay taxes both federal and state.

  2. Jean Linck says:

    The bottom line…yep, but it will not be what you expect. Even though casinos bring money into a community by bringing jobs, etc. if you do your research you’ll find our communities are negatively affected by living in close proximity to a casino. Let me tell you what problem gambler would tell you about the bottom line. “Got a store next door? Well, I don’t have any money left to shop there; matter of fact that coat I stole last week was sold on ebay for more money to gamble. A car lot on the same block, hah…I can’t even pay the insurance on what I drive now. Of course, it won’t be mine long since I have a title loan against it.” I hear this every day from problem gamblers and their family members…and before you judge…don’t bother. Because if you do you will only be removing all doubt that you don’t have a clue. For those of you that knows someone that needs help…call me Jean 541-472-9996 or anonymously check out the state funded helpline 1877mylimit.org for a real education.

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