Community Meets to Discuss Brimstone


GRANTS PASS, Ore. — The community of Grants Pass and surrounding areas met in the Fleming Middle School gym Sunday night for fire updates.

Fire officials from each fire including Brimstone, Big Windy, Douglas, and Labrador took turns discussing the state of each fire.

According to Brimstone Pubic Information Officer Tom Fields, incident command crews are leaving the Brimstone fire starting Monday. There is a hand line built around the fire, and it is mopped up 300 feet around the boarder.

The other fires are still ongoing.  According to fire officials, the Douglas Complex Fire is 16 percent contains and has a price tag of $15 million.  Also, crews are working to get a loose line built around Big Windy.

Throughout the meeting fire officials continuously thanked the community for their support and cooperation.

“All the signs we see around town that thanks us for our hard work… that really lifts our moral,” said Fields. ”
As firefighters, it’s hard work out there.”