Community Hoping for Healthier Options

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For some residents in a Medford neighborhood, the Peachtree Street Market is convenient stop when in a hurry.

“Last minute meal preparations. You tend to forget that last item and the last thing you want to do is go clear up to the grocery store when you have a market around the corner it’s much more convenient” said community member Rosann Thiessen.

Now the market and community action agency, ACCESS, want to team up and make sure that healthy fresh food options are available to everyone in the community.

“If a community is over a mile to a grocery store and under a certain income level, it’s considered a food desert, so it’s a limited food access area. It may have some convenient stores like the Peach Street Market where you can some things, but maybe not everything you need to make a complete healthy meal” said Hannah Ancel with ACCESS.

Community members took surveys on what fruits and vegetables they would like to see become more available. A cooking demo also showed those who passed by how to make healthy meals. Ancel hopes it’s a step towards forming healthy habits.

“You can’t make people eat healthy but you want to make sure that it’s available and we can incentives them in anyway possible to eat healthy” said Ancel.


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  1. Sarah says:

    I would love to see this, that market bring more healthy food, however, the price at market seem higher than going Grocies. Sometimes I go to the Market because either I am really tire or hungry that I forgot to get something at grocie store. It just really hard for me to go to grocies and bring back to the house. I am not suppose to carry heavy grocies but I have to eat like everyone else. I would love to see changes. I am tryIn to eat healthy.

  2. Sue says:

    I applaud Peachtree Street Market on the decision to provide healthier choices for its neighbors. I encourage local residents to stop by and see the new additions. Great job Peachtree!

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