Community Groups Clean-up Lithia Park

Lithia Park Clean-up00000001ASHLAND, Ore. — Service clubs from around the Ashland community came together on Saturday to clean-up Lithia Park.

This is the second time this year the service clubs have come together.  The Ashland Rotary Club, Ashland Sororptimist, Ashland Lions and Kiwanis Clubs put mulch down on foot paths in Lithia park to improve trail quality as we head into spring.

“These trails get muddy, and there are a lot of hikers and joggers that use these trails… so we are using some recycled Christmas trees and some of the down wood chips, and we are spreading those chips on the trail and that makes it a little easier to walk on… as well as and it keeps the mud off of the walkers and joggers feet,” said Don Paul, Ashland Kiwanis Club president.

The service groups said they plan on holding more joint projects to bring public awareness to the clubs and what they do for the community in the future.