Community Comes Together to Save Helen

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A young girl’s life is in jeopardy, and now a community is coming together to raise funds for a life-saving transplant.  Starting in May, Yogurt Hut will be giving a percent of its proceeds to celebrate “Helen Month”.

Just a few months ago, two-year-old Helen Lynn was a healthy, spunky toddler, but somehow Helen came in contact with a dangerous strain of e-coli, and what started out as what her parents thought was just the stomach flu, turned out to be end-end stage renal failure that destroyed her kidney.

Now, months later, Helen undergoes dialysis treatments for nine hours a day.  She takes eight anti-biotic and goes to the doctor twice a week. She’s on the list for a kidney transplant, but so far no donors have been named. Right now it’s just a waiting game, but the dialysis keeps her alive and functioning. She is still more susceptible than other kids to flu bugs and germs.

“Helen got sick but it was just a little bug but it affects her exponentially, compared to what it would a normal healthy child, and that is hard as a parent to see…it’s hard to see your child kind of battling with it,” said Lauren Lynn, Helen’s mom.

Treatment is expensive and costs nearly $20,000 a month. The Lynn family does have insurance, and they are covered under Medicare as well, but there are still unforeseen expenses.

“The larger garbage can, the drive up to Portland, the fact that I can’t work, the added Medicare premium. They all kind of compound and add up,” said Lynn.

According to the Children’s Organ Transplant Association, typical insurance plans pay for 80%, but this leaves the patient still paying nearly 20% out of pocket. A close family friend is helping the Lynn family with the additional costs by holding a fundraiser.

The fundraiser called “Celebrate Helen Month” will be held at all four Yogurt Hut locations around the Rogue Valley, from May 3rd to May 31st. A percentage of the sales will go to the Children’s Organ Transplant Association to help Helen. All you have to do is say Helen’s name at the register.

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  1. jerri ann chafin stewart says:

    Praying for little Helen. What a beautiful little girl. I live in Washington, Ga. where your grandfather was raised, Helen. About 6 yrs ago my son’s daughter, Avery, contacted a bug and we almost lost her. It was one day before her first birthday. She was not expected to make it through the night but GOD & Avery knew better. She had to have one half of her brain removed to live. She is a bright, lively 7 yr old. Her after effects are, not being able to use her left arm & a small limp. I will never forget that night she was so sick & I was crying & finally putting Avery, my precious granddaughter in the Lord’s Hands. Prayers from everyone, the doctors & all medical personnel but especially our Lord God saved our precious girl. God is so Good. Thinking of you all, and, Helen tell your grandfather, Billy “Hello” form Washington, Ga. & that prayers are coming your way from his hometown.

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