Commissioner Strikes Deal With County

10-30 rob webMEDFORD, Ore. — The Medford Airport is about to grow by about two acres. Jackson County Commissioner John Rachor is an experienced pilot and has a hangar on about two acres of land just outside the airport.

Since he no longer has a helicopter and only has an airplane, he has no access to the airport’s runways. Now, Rachor is giving the land to the county in exchange for a 25 year lease with the first 13 years free because of the investment given to the county.

“I do retain ownership of the building, so this will allow me to bring my airplane back over here, I’m now renting a hangar from the airport, and so this will allow me to put my airplane in here or rent it to somebody else,” said Commissioner Rachor.

The other Jackson County Commissioners approved the move after the deal was struck through a third party facilitator. Commissioner Rachor removed himself from the vote due to the direct conflict of interest.


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  1. Janie says:

    Sounds like conflict of interest to me!

  2. Physique says:

    Who was the third party facilitator ?

    Is anyone doing some real digging into this story ? Rachor benefits. He only owned the land for a handful of years. The value almost doubled, while everyone else’s property value plummeted. Please dig a bit deeper.

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