Commissioner Candidate Apologizes

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KLAMATH COUNTY, Ore.– A candidate for Klamath County Commissioner apologized for inappropriate comments he made against a fellow candidate, Monday. Jeff Houston also said he is fully capable of filling the upcoming chair being vacated by Dennis Linthicum . Houston also announced he is planning to sue the Klamath County District Attorney and the Herald and News Newspaper for their reporting on a radio interview he did where he made comments about Kelley Minty Morris.

He said, “I have sought legal counsel for the possible civil litigation against Mr. Patridge and the Herald and  News both corporately and severally for defamation of character and Federally for violating my civil rights.”

District Attorney Rob Patridge said he stands by his assessment and sees him as a public concern. Patridge went on to say, “There’s a history there, and he’s currently on probation–on a five year probation with mental health conditions. I’m concerned about the safety of the community where things are going. Um I certainly think that there’s some legitimate, uh, reason that the community stepped forward and talked to me, uh, including the media related to uh, related to the claims Mr. Houston is continuing to make.”

Houston said he is planning to launch an all-out multi-media campaign for the chair. If elected he said he will not accepted any pay for the job.