Comfortable Temperatures Stick Around


seth phillipsA cooler air mass that moved in a few days ago is still sitting over the region and allowing for temperatures to be near or a little above average. For today, temperatures were a little warmer than the last couple of afternoons. However, until Tuesday, these comfortable afternoon highs will be lingering. Sunny skies will continue inland for the week with just afternoon cumulus popping up in the Basin due to daytime heating, and in the Cascades with some upslope flow.

Partly cloudy with morning fog is the situation at the coast. A Chetco event is in full swing at Brookings and even affecting the temperatures as far north as Gold Beach. Brookings started off the later morning in the 70’s, and hit a high of 90 degrees Saturday afternoon, while the rest of the coast sat in the mid to upper 60’s. Brookings afternoon high was just four degrees short of the August 23rd record which was set back in 2010. It’s likely they will see at least one more hot afternoon and then the Chetco should break down as winds shift back to a northwesterly¬† flow. Models are also trending to another warm up at Brookings next weekend.

While we sit in an inactive weather pattern, the big story is where the smoke has been moving in Siskiyou County. Air Quality has improved quite a bit at the bigger cities such as, Happy Camp, Fort Jones, Etna, and Mount Shasta. Winds today were mainly out of the north and north-northeast. This was pushing the smoke south, and air quality in places like Orleans and Willow Creek saw a significant drop. Smoke usually starts out pretty local to the fires in the morning as the winds are lightest at this time. Then as the day treks on, the smoke spreads out when the winds pick up in the afternoon. So by Saturday just before nightfall, the smoke started spreading to some of cities that were closer east and west to the fire. Winds are expected to shift tomorrow back to a northwesterly flow, so Air Quality will likely plummet in the areas that have been affected over the last week, again.

This weather pattern we sit in will continue for a while. Models are showing a pretty deep trough with cooler air approaching the coast on Friday evening. This will bring an elevated chance for showers to the Southern portions of the region, as tropical moisture will be pulled up from the south. Instability seems pretty low at this point, so thunderstorms should stay out of the equation. However, models after a few days get very unpredictable, so we will just have to wait on it. The trough is looking like it will bring a pretty prominent frontal boundary, which should cool us off again. It seems like Fall is trying to tell us it’s on the way. During the fall we start moving into our “wet” season and we see more storms with rain showers, vs. the thunderstorms like we get in the spring and summer.

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Meteorologist Seth Phillips

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