Comfort Dogs Travel to Disaster Sites


MEDFORD, Ore. — Survivors and nearby communities impacted by the Oso landslide received some help from comfort dogs.

Jake and Emerson are two Golden Retrievers that travel with their handler, Daniel Sievert, to several tragedy sites. The Golden Missions of America team just spent several days in Darrington to comfort those affected by the devastating mudslide.

Golden Missions began traveling the county last year when they went to the site of the Boston marathon bombing. Since then, they have traveled over 30,000 miles across the county, making stops in other devastation sites like Moore, Oklahoma, and Newtown, Connecticut. The dogs are specially trained to comfort people who are dealing with physical or emotional pain.

The Golden Missions team passed through Medford on Thursday on their way to Pennsylvania to comfort those involved in the Franklin Regional High School stabbing that happened yesterday.