Colorado Shooting: Local Police Reflect

By Christy Lewis

MEDFORD, Ore. — The incident has local police officers reflecting on their annual training, reviewing how they would handle a case similar to the one at that Colorado movie theater.

Anytime something like this happens, Medford Police officers look at the situation very closely. There’s no plan to patrol the movie theatres in Medford any more than usual. Police think it was an absolutely random, isolated incident, bringing no additional danger to nationwide theatres.

Local officers say the Colorado policemen were likely overwhelmed and didn’t expect this to happen. So, they’re using this as an opportunity to brush up on training techniques. This situation was an active shooter situation, something Medford police trains for each year.

“For example, gas masks being in all the police cars. Not necessarily something you would really think is necessary because we typically use gas masks when we deploy gas in a riot situation. But here you have the suspect deploying gas, and law enforcement needs to be prepared for that,” explains Medford Police Lt. Mike Budreau.

Officers say they would have plenty of resources to handle the initial process of an incident like this, to at least stop the threat and put an end to the violence. After the initial event, they would call in resources from other agencies to complete the investigation.

Police say active shooter situations have been prevented before because people speak out. So, if you are concerned for someone’s mental well-being or feel someone is homicidal, police urge you to call local law enforcement so they can look into it further.