College Classes Required in High School?

As Oregon school districts struggle with reduced state funding, legislators are considering increasing graduation requirements.

A bill before the Oregon Senate, if passed, would require high school students to take college level classes before they graduate.

Eugene-area senator Mark Hass says if the bill was passed this could not only save time, but also a good chunk of change, by reducing the amount of time students spend at a university.

Critics say the requirement would not benefit students who have different learning styles.

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  1. Melissa says:

    I want to know if they do require college classes and a student receives a high B in said class how will this hurt students who are trying to achieve Valedictorian? I know a young man right now that has received straight A’s since 7th grade, took a college class this year as a Senior (parents paid for class), he received a B and now is not in the running for this accolade. It is so unfortunate. Most advanced students may excel at the high school level, but may fall short of perfection at a college level.

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