Collecting Cans to Restore Public Safety

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Nothing is too extreme for one group working to restore public safety in Josephine County – even if that means collecting cans.

Securing Our Safety (SOS) is exploring every option besides tax measure 17-49. The measure is proposing $1.48 per thousand dollars assessed value for three years. Carl Raskine, one of the organizers in this project, says the group started collecting bottles and cans nearly two months ago.

Raskine says this may be the first time a county in Oregon is resorting to a bottle drive to bring back law enforcement. SOS has also organized car washes and bake sales.

“I’m hoping the people in Josephine County will see we’re trying every method possible to correct our situation here. Where it’s raising a nickel at a time on the bottles, or the bake sales or car washes whatever and maybe they’ll understand that there’s a lot of people out there that really are concerned,” said Carl Raskine.

SOS has collected about a thousand dollars worth of bottles and cans. SOS plans to continue the bottle drive even if the tax measure fails.

On Saturday morning, SOS members will be at Umpqua Bank for anyone who would like to donate their bottles. The bank is located on 6th and F Street in Grants Pass.