Cold Weather Requires Extra Car Care

MEDFORD, Ore. — Mechanics are urging drivers to take extra care of their cars as temperatures continue to stay cold overnight and the early morning. One auto shop says it tends to see customers come in with problems ranging from the battery to the heating system.

Southern Oregon Auto Care in Medford says the most common problem for cars in the winter is the engines freezing up. They say people sometimes forget to check their coolant levels, to make sure they don’t have too much water or too little antifreeze. They also say the cold temperatures can take a toll on the car’s battery.

“That’s when they get the most load on them, when it’s cold out. Usually when your battery starts getting weak, you’re going to see it actually fail on a cold morning when you go to start it up,” said Ron Shubin of Southern Oregon Auto Care.

Mechanics say if a car is not taken care of in the winter, it can lead to cracks in the engine block.