Cold Weather Doesn’t Cancel Recess

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — As cold winter temperatures continue to greet children at Riverside Elementary in Grants Pass, students need to bundle up before hitting the play ground. Temperatures on Monday morning were the coldest so far this year in the Rogue Valley and in Grants Pass, temperatures dipped into the low 20’s and even high teens.

The principal at Riverside Elementary School, Susan Zottola, says it’s so important for the students to be able to run around and get fresh air. So, even on these cold days, the school’s administration tries not to cancel recess. Principal Zottola says there are warm clothes available for use if a student forgets his or her jacket.

“We also have, if kids didn’t bring a jacket that day or don’t have a jacket, we have jackets here that they can come in and an assistant will say, ‘Hey, go into the office and get a jacket.’ Then the can borrow one for the day,” Zottola explained.

Parents can request their child stay indoors if the child is recovering from a cold in which case the student stays in the school’s office. At Riverside Elementary, recess is usually canceled for a rainy day but last week recess was canceled for a snowy day.