Cold Night Ahead Across the Region

Most places warmed up quite a bit today, even Medford. Low lying stratus and fog burnt off rather quickly this morning and we were able to warm into the upper 40’s by the second half of the afternoon! Grants Pass on the other hand had a little more trouble shaking off that fog, keeping their high temperature in the low 30’s. Tonight’s low and tomorrow’s high will be based upon the development and burning off of the low clouds/fog that form. If the clouds burn off early again tomorrow then we will see a high similar to today’s in Medford. Still the higher elevations are seeing the warmest temperatures, simply because of the strong inversions forming overnight, acting as a lid to the cool temperatures near the surface.

Again, roads will be slick this evening and any fog that does form in the Valley will be freezing fog. Air quality is still a concern as well and Medford’s levels have gone up to the Sensitive category along with Klamath Falls. Lakeview is still seeing unhealthy levels, so those who suffer from respiratory problems, asthma, and also the elderly are advised to stay indoors as much as possible over the next couple days.

The National Weather Service is advising those who live along the Coast or those planning to travel to the Coast for the remainder of the weekend be very cautious of the water. “Sneaker waves” are expected until Sunday evening, with swells of up to 13 feet expected. Sneaker waves are large waves that can sneak up out of nowhere, even in calm waters. A rather strong storm system near Japan has generated some strong swells and they are expected to impact the West Coast through the next 24 hours. Don’t turn your back on the water!


The next storm system approaches our region late Tuesday night into Wednesday. The timing is still differing among the computer models. If it arrives earlier in the day Wednesday, all areas will see rain. However, it the storm pushes inland later Wednesday, precipitation could be falling in the form of snow in the Valley. We will have to keep an eye on it! Thanks for logging on and follow me on Facebook for weather updates!