Coffee For A Cure

MEDFORD, Ore. – The fight against breast cancer is getting tens of thousands of dollars from a promotional event on Friday.

Cars lined up to support the Coffee For A Cure Campaign. All of Friday’s proceeds from drink and pastry sales at human bean locations go to both Providence Medford Medical Center and to Rogue Regional Medical Center’s Breast Imaging Department.

The money is dedicated to helping low income patients get mammograms and pay for follow up appointments. many in the drive thru today had a connection with someone fighting cancer.

“Today, we had someone come through and buy drinks for a woman who’s actually in remission, going through breast cancer. We have survivors we have all sorts of people who come through so I feel like they come out especially for today to support that,” said Human Bean Manager Naomi Gugliotta

This is the seventh year the Human Bean held this event raising more than $343,000 so far.