Cockfighting Bust In Eagle Point

By Rob Scott

EAGLE POINT, Ore. — 9 people are facing federal charges related to a cockfighting bust in Eagle Point; a Willamette Egg Farms employee called police Saturday when he noticed suspicious vehicles at the facility.

When sheriff’s deputies arrived, they found a cockfight-taking place on the property. The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office says they seized about 35 roosters, as well as razor blades believed to be tied to the animals to increase the severity of fights.

The roosters have since been turned over to a caretaker, but police say they also found a covered fighting arena with lights powered by a generator, as well as a make shift bar where alcohol was being sold. The sheriff’s office reports that as many as 30 participants ran from the property. However, 9 were arrested and charged with second degree trespassing and participating in a cockfight, which is a Class C felony.

One of those charged is 26-year-old Leonel Sanchez who was an employee of Willamette Egg Farms at the time. One of the participants told sheriff’s deputies that the entry fee was five hundred dollars per rooster or twenty-five dollars just to watch. Vice president of the Willamette Egg Farms Greg Satrum says that Sanchez’s employment has been terminated.

Satrum says that this facility is used only as a distribution center. He went on to say the company has no animals anywhere near the Eagle Point location and that all of the animals involved were brought on site by the trespassers.