Coats for Kids Campaign Nears End

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MEDFORD, Ore. – There is just one more week to get your donation in to help a local child stay warm this winter. All this month, we’ve been asking for your help to collect coats that can be given to kids in our communities who need them. Behind the scenes of our Coats For Kids Campaign, volunteers are making sure those coats go to the children who need them most.

Every year, it’s the community making a statement by supporting NewsWatch 12’s Coats For Kids Campaign. This year, Bri Glick is joining volunteers from Windermere Van Vleet and Associates for her senior project. She’s going through hundreds of coats, organizing them into sizes and even playing the part of fashion police for the coats headed to high schoolers like herself.

“The kids coats are adorable and I’ve seen a few that I would actually wear myself,” said Glick.

The coats not only keep students warm this winter, but ensure they don’t feel left out at school.

“I think it is really important, because we’re helping kids that can’t take care of themselves with that kind of stuff, giving them something they don’t have to be ashamed of,” said Glick.

All of the coats have been separated by size, now Windermere volunteers will bundle the coats up for the schools and then it will be time for what they say is one of the best parts of the campaign: delivering them to the schools.

“We just love doing it for the kids and we like delivering the coats to the schools and we get a lot of satisfaction out of getting the coats to the kids,” said Terri Stefanson of Windermere Van Vleet & Associates.

It’s a campaign that is teaching Bri about how a small donation can make a big difference and how one student can help another. With just one more week to donate, we are in need of little boy’s coats. Remember, you can donate a gently-used or new coat at any location with a red barrel. You will find them throughout Southern Oregon, we have a full list of donation sites here.  The last day to donate is next Thursday.