Coats For Kids Begins Delivery

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Our Coats For Kids Campaign is now over and that means it’s time for what volunteers say is their favorite part of the campaign coat delivery. All day long coats have been dropped off at local schools.

First grader, Michael, and dozens of other Roosevelt Elementary school students, dug through the pile of coats, donated through our ‘Coats For Kids’ Campaign, each student looking for that perfect match. They were looking for coats to not only keep them warm, but to make school a little easier. Roosevelt is a ‘walking school’, that means the majority of these students walk to school each morning. Before receiving these coats they had to brave the chilly temperatures and wet alone.

Volunteers for our campaign from Windermere Van Vleet have already packed up 465 coats for 14 schools and more than 100 for a dozen head start centers, but their first stop Friday was to Roosevelt just feet away from their offices. Now, thanks to your donations, children will have some protection against the elements.

We want to thank the community, you, for all of your help in making this year’s Coats For Kids Campaign a successful one. All of the coats should all be handed out by mid-November.