Clouds & Fog for Valley, Sunny Elsewhere

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High pressure continues to be the dominant weather feature in control of our weather. This will be the case through the next week, bringing low lying clouds and fog to West Side Valleys & clear skies and mild conditions to most other areas.

A dense fog advisory is in place through the morning for areas west of the Cascades. With temperatures below freezing, this is freezing fog in all locations. The low clouds & fog will hang around through much of the day again, keeping temperatures from warming much this afternoon. Morning fog and clouds will break in all other areas, making for sunny skies.

A weak front will move into the Northwest tomorrow …but the only impacts this far south will be cloud cover and drizzle across Coastal sections. Another high pressure air mass will move in right behind the passing of this front. This means an extended period of dry weather will continue.

This front though, is going to bring more mixing in the air. This will help to clear fog & low lying clouds out from the valleys through the mornings, but not until the weekend. By Saturday & Sunday (as well as early next week), fog will be more of a night & morning occurrence than all day event.

Medford, Klamath Falls & Mt. Shasta will end 2013 as the driest calendar year on record (since record keeping began in 1912).


Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese