Cloud Cover Keeps Tuesday Cooler

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As expected, Tuesday brought isolated thunderstorms to the region, along with a few spotty showers.  Moisture has been streaming in from the south, due to a surface low that has formed in the Southwest.  Abundant cloud cover in place kept temperatures cooler than forecasted, but the cooler temperatures didn’t necessarily mean it was more comfortable.  Higher humidity made for sticky conditions most of the day.  The relief is only temporary, because highs tomorrow will be a degree or two shy of 100.

It seems odd that we were seeing such humid conditions and showers while high pressure is in place overhead.  Typically, we learn that high pressure means fair weather, but the ridge that we are seeing is higher in the atmosphere – closer to the level that jets fly.  Winds from the south have transported moisture into our region, and lower pressure at the surface provided the mechanism to lift the air and form showers and storms.  This energy will shift further east on Wednesday, which will still allow for storms in the Klamath Basin and northern California.  That also means that the mountains, west side valleys, and coast will stay mainly dry on Wednesday.

Because the thunderstorm threat, and thus lightning threat, continues for Wednesday, a fire weather watch will go into effect Wednesday afternoon.  It includes most of Klamath, Lake, Modoc, and eastern Siskiyou Counties and continues through Wednesday evening.  Thunderstorms remain in the extended forecast with another system that swings through the northwest Friday, and another Sunday.

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Chief Meteorologist Kate McKenna