Close Friend Remembers David Grubbs

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ASHLAND, Ore. — Monday marks the one year anniversary of David Grubbs’ death. He was found nearly decapitated on the bike path in Ashland.

One woman said her son and David were friends throughout school. She told Newswatch 12 David’s death is like losing a son. She said close friends at Shop-n-Kart are also unable to move past his death.

“They’ve had a lot to deal with over there. These are young people. They’re not used to this kind of loss when it’s  your best friend. You just don’ expect it. I don’t know if you ever get over that. You don’t get over that,” saidMichelle Gordon.

Police have still not found a suspect. Throughout the year, they sought the help of experts including the FBI. Investigators served three search warrants last week but are not releasing any details.

“It really does shake your faith in living in a small town, these kinds of things aren’t supposed to happen. I just want it to be solved. I want them to find out who did it. You know? We need justice,” said Gordon.

Michelle also works at Ashland high school as a scholarship counselor. She says David’s father is offering a scholarship in honor of his son this year. More information will be up on the high school’s website in December.