Close Call for Wolf Creek Resident

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Wolf Creek, Ore. — Teams of structural protection firefighters spent the afternoon mopping up an area near homes in danger of the Douglas Complex.

Small progress is being made in Douglas County and the fires are threatening close to 500 homes. Although part of Wolf Creek is in a level 3 evacuation, one homeowner in the area decided to stay at her house.

Janette King has lived in her home for 21 years and although she’s seen fires before, the Douglas Complex has gotten a little too close for comfort.

“Well we knew the fire was on the other side of the mountain last Friday, but we had no idea that it would get over on this side this quickly,” King said. “It’s terrifying but you just have to hang tough and say your prayers and trust in all of these good people to take care of you.”

A team of structural protection firefighters deployed from Benton County has been battling the flames outside of King’s home and other fires nearby.

“So the fires is 150’ from the house,” Lt. Brent Goold explained. “Where it was, it’s mostly out. We’re going to start mopping up, we just got direction that we’re going to mop out 100’ around this catline so we’re going to take hose lines and make sure everything is out 100’.”

While firefighters are doing everything they can to protect her home, King is doing the same, covering the vent covers outside to keep the fire out.

“Make sure if we get any flying embers that they don’t get into the vents and set fire from underneath the home,” Kent added. “The exterior of the home is sock hardy siding which is made out of concrete and then it’s got a class A fire roof on it, so it would be very difficult to set it from the outside unless it was totally engulfed.

The area King lives in is currently in a level 3 evacuation meaning if she leaves, she won’t be able to get back inside her house.