C&K Markets Closing Statewide

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PHOENIX, Ore. — The region’s largest independent grocery chain is filing for bankruptcy.

Brookings-based C&K Markets owns grocery stores across Oregon and northern California. Those stores include Ray’s Food Place, Lo Bucks, and Shop Smart.

Nearly a third of those stores will be closing as a result of the bankruptcy filing, including the Ray’s Store in Phoenix.

NewsWatch12 talked with C&K Markets and they tell us the stores will continue to operate as normal through the end of the year, then some of them will close while others go up for sale.

16 other stores will be closing as well. Some will be closing completely, while others go up for sale. This includes two in Jackson County, and three in Josephine County.

C&K says they chose the stores to close based on sales. They say in recent years their competition has grown as larger mega supermarkets like Walmart and Costco have sprung up. C&K Markets says they just can’t compete.

“This is going to kill me. This is a trip into town and, you know, as much as I like the Rogue Valley, I hate going to town to do any shopping because you know, the traffic is murder; the attitude of the people is just atrocious. Out here everybody knows everybody,” said Richard Hoglen, a Ray’s shopper.

The stores remaining open will be tightening their corporate structure and restructuring their finances.