Civil Suit Filed In Kyron Horman Case

PORTLAND, Ore. — A lawsuit has been filed in the Kyron Horman case. It’s been two years since that little boy was last seen at his school in Portland.

Kyron’s mother, who lives in Medford, filed a civil suit against the boy’s stepmother, the last person known to have seen him. In the civil suit, Desiree Young accuses Terri Horman of “custodial interference.”

Under Oregon law, custodial interference involves keeping a person from their legal custodian “permanently or for a protracted period.” Kyron was last seen almost exactly two years ago, which is why the suit is being filed now.

The civil case also asks for $10 million as compensation for severe emotional distress. The suit also claims the stepmother, Terri Horman, intentionally interfered with Kyron’s biological mother’s parental rights. Police investigators say the criminal case is moving forward.

In a statement, Terri Horman’s lawyers said, “Until such time as I have had an opportunity to thoroughly review the complaint, I will not be making any public statement with respect to this matter.”

Terri and her attorney have 30 days to make a first appearance, which means she needs to give an answer or a move to strike, or she could do nothing, which may move the case to a default judgment.

Kyron’s father, Kaine Horman, is not filing with his ex-wife but does support her decision. Kaine says he hasn’t had a lot of communication with Desiree about the suit but believes she will keep him abreast of the developments as the case moves forward.