City Workers Busy With Flooded Roads

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Standing water on roads kept city workers in the Rogue Valley busy on Tuesday.

The city of Medford’s Public Works Department is doing routine work to keep standing water off of the roadways. Crews have responded to about half a dozen reports of flooded roadways so far as of Tuesday afternoon.

The city says many of those cases resolved themselves. In some cases, crews had to use a high pressure hose to clear out blockages in storm drains. The department says this is routine work, typically required during the first large rain storm of the season.

The flooding isn’t confined to the roads one property owner says rising creek waters overflowed into the properties he owns on Bullock and Crater Lake Highway in Medford. Mark Dewey says the flooding left about a foot of water in the autobody shop.

If you see any high waters on city roads, contact your city’s public works department.