City Pays for Car Troubles

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MEDFORD, Ore. — The city of Medford parking commission is footing the bill for drivers who have car problems while parked in city owned parking lots and parking garages.

If a person has a flat tire, their car will not turn on, or other problems, the city has the “We Care” system in place.   There are signs located at city parking garages and parking lots with a phone number to call in case of car trouble. According to the parking commission staff liaison, Lynette O’Neal, all someone has to do is dial the phone number, and an assistant will come out and fix the problem.

The bill goes directly to the city.  The person who had car trouble does not have to pay a cent to fix the problem, and they do not have to file an insurance claim.

The city put the program in place to enhance the downtown experience, according to O’Neal.

“We want people to come downtown and park downtown and enjoy the downtown,” said O’Neal.  “The last thing you want them (visitors) to do is leave on a bad note.”

According to Medford police, the downtown parking garages are not dangerous.  Within the past two years, police have only responded to one assault and one robbery in local parking garages, according to Medford police Lt. Mike Budreau.

He said the main problem parking garages face is vandalism.

“Windows broke… we’ll have tires slashed… not a lot.  For the two-year period we have 48 with both parking garages combined,” said Lt. Budreau.

He said the “We Care” system is good for police and the city alike.

“Last thing we want are cars broken down or left unattended in parking garags over night, that’s a bad thing,” said Lt. Budreay.   “That is usually when they become a target for theft and vandalism.”