City Officials Discuss Homelessness

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Key players in the city of Grants Pass plan to meet and discuss homelessness issues head on with the community.

Tuesday night, a variety of organizations and city officials are meeting to discuss rising homelessness issues in Grants Pass. Police officers say they are seeing an increase of homeless people in the city. Officers are citing the same people for disorderly conduct and theft in the downtown area.

The city managers say that’s the area where multiple businesses are also having problems with transients. Owners are contacting city officials, saying the homeless people are defecating, sleeping and causing problems around their buildings.

City officials expect more than a hundred people to attend. If you would like to attend the forum starts at 6 p.m. at the Grants Pass City Council Chamber. This is the first homeless community forum city officials held, they plan to continue the discussion in future meetings. The time and dates of those meetings are posted on the city of Grants Pass website a few days before meetings are held.