City Officials Create Teen Hangout Spot


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MEDFORD, Ore. — School is out and teens have a lot of free time summer. And they may not want to be at home on a Friday night. But if they are out, city officials want to keep them safe. So they created a free event for teens at Central High School on South Oakdale.

Medford Night Live will be every Friday night from 8:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. through August 22nd.

The event will be in the main gym at Central High. Teens 13-18 can play sports, create craft projects or just eat food. Parks and Recreation teamed up with Medford Police for the event. Officers will be at the event in uniform, but strictly to socialize with the teens. Some officers will officiate basketball games and others will use their musical talents to put on a concert this summer.

“I hope at some point it ends up being kind of a meeting place you know where people who have not seen each other all week that are friends at school will kind of come and meet and hang out on a Friday night and just kind of catch up and you know hang out together,” said Medford Parks and Recreation’s Andrea Torrey.