City of Ashland Warns of Phone Scam

City Hall AshlandASHLAND, Ore. — The City of Ashland is warning residents and business owners of a phone scam.

The City of Ashland says a number of Ashland businesses and households have received phone calls from people claiming to be calling from the City of Ashland or a collection agency on behalf of the City.

The caller indicates the utility bill is past due, threatens to disconnect their utilities unless they provide a credit card immediately over the phone. The City of Ashland says that this is a scam. Never send money in response to a phone call or provide your credit card number.

If the City of Ashland Utilities office calls you, the call will come from their local utility office phone number, (541) 488-6004. If you are concerned whether or not you have received a legitimate call, please hang up with the caller and call the Utilities office directly at (541) 488-6004.

If you receive a call, please report it to the Ashland Police Department at (541) 488-2211 or (541) 482-5211 and provide them with any information you have.