City Looks to Improve Parking

8-26 rob web parkingGRANTS PASS, Ore. — The city of Grants Pass is looking into ways to improve parking options downtown, especially for employees of local businesses.

The Parking Task Force was established earlier this year and has been meeting every week for months to look into how the city can improve. Monday, they presented their suggestions to the Grants Pass city council. Among the suggestions were improved safety features like lightning and cameras. Better signs and communication as to where the public lots are was also recommended.

Parking Task Force officials said the problem is ongoing and always changing.

“The city of Grants Pass needs to always be looking at the changes within the downtown area because parking does change if you have a business coming or a business going, that demand changesĀ  constantly,” said Parking Task Force Chair Colene Martin.

The mayor said the city will also be on the lookout for property for future lots.