City Leaders Discuss Pot Moratorium

phoenix potPHOENIX, Ore. —  The city of Phoenix wants a few more months to figure out whether to allow medical marijuana dispensaries in city limits.

The city council is expected to vote on placing a moratorium on allowing dispensaries to open, which means it would place a temporary ban on the facilities.

Phoenix mayor Jeff Bellah said it will give the council more time to get information on state laws going into effect in March.

“Several cities have passed moratoriums so that they have time to look into what they have to look into before making a final decision,” he said.

But Andrea Adams, the executive director of the Greenery, a dispensary in Phoenix, said it’s the wrong move. Adams said placing a moratorium on dispensaries will prevent medical marijuana patients from accessing their medicine.

“It’s heading the wrong direction for supporting the law that goes into effect March 1st.”

She said it’s unclear if the moratorium will force the Greenery to close. The facility opened in January and has been operating without a business license since that time. Bellah said the city has been issuing citations “every day” to the Greenery.

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  1. Grant says:

    Phoenix City Council and mayor are way out of line here. Who has watched HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire”? Prohibition was strongly supported by criminals and politicians alike, who both gained enormously from illegal importation and sales. Both political parties and large crime families rose to the power and influence we are experiencing today, initially greatly funded by prohibition. So it stands to reason that it can only benefit those of criminal intent to continue to ban pot, no?

    Why ‘ban’ a business during times of financial stress? Some senator wants to start clear-cutting again, when all we need to do is totally legalize weed and reap the practically infinite benefits. It’s time for our thinking to change, and it needs to start with dumping this old reactionary mayor and city council.

    Let’s see some new ‘timber payments’ in the form of taxable marijuana and hemp cultivation, distribution and sales!

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