City Firefighters Staying Local

Fire District 3

MEDFORD, Ore. — City firefighters are staying close to their stations for now. Right now, Medford’s Fire District 3 only has one crew member out on the Douglas Complex.

Local crews usually stay in town until the governor declares a fire “conflagration” for their county. This grants special permission to utilize other crews and resources in the area for those wildfires. Until then, fire officials say they keep crews in town to make sure local disasters are prevented.

“Local fires that go beyond the initial attack stage tend to pull back our local resources because we continue to have emergencies every day in our area and the firefighters that are best suited to handle those are the ones that work here, live here, and respond to those on a daily basis,” Deputy Fire marshal, Mark Northrup, said.

Northrup says, his teams are trained for wildfire duty if they do happened to get called out.