City Council Voice Casino Concerns

MEDFORD, Ore. – Questions are still buzzing around a planned casino in south Medford and city council members are showing they’re still hooked on that possible development. The city council is asking the Coquille Tribe for more information on the impacts to the city.

The city of Medford sent a letter to the Coquille Tribe on Friday asking the tribe to give them more information. The concerns range from sewer to property tax issues. Issues range from sewer to transportation, to emergency services and property taxes.

The city wants to have a say in development because the plan to build a casino means putting the property in a government trust. The tribe has already bought Roxy Ann Lanes, planing to lease the Beer Creek Golf Course and use Kim’s Restaurant as a parking lot.

The Coquille Tribe has yet to review the Medford City Council’s letter and concerns. The city says once it has the information, it plans to open up the discussion with the public. If plans go through getting the casino open could take two to three years.

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  1. JESSE KELLEY says:

    Since we seem to be in a economic turmoil, why would you want the Natives to make all the money??? Don’t get me wrong I am a Native American, and I think a Tribe should only be allowed one Casino. Seems to me that an arrangement like what they are proposing for the Grange, where the city would own it, and all the profits, would be more to everyone’s liking.


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