Citizens Protest Proposed Pipeline

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SHADY COVE, Ore. — On Saturday,  nearly 200 people rallied in Shady Cove to protest a proposed natural gas pipeline. The Jordan Cove Pacific Connector would transport billions of feet of gas obtained through fracking overseas.

Protesters shared a number of concerned about the proposed pipeline.  Many are concerned about the effects on wildlife, property rights, clean energy and climate.

The proposed pipeline will be 230 miles long, and 36 inches in diameter.  It would run from Malin to Coos Bay, Oregon, and will cross nearly 400 bodies of water.

Protesters believe the pipeline could contaminate the major Oregon Rivers.  They also worry it would endanger the fish and other wildlife that rely on the river for survival.

“The message we are trying to send is Oregonians don’t want to be shipping fracked gas throughout state,” said Forrest English, Rogue River Keeper. “You know this is not our job to bear the brunt of the impacts to ship Canadian gas and other states gas elsewhere.”

The pipeline will also take property from more than 300 land owners through eminent domain.  Those property owners have received letters in the mail, saying they will have to give up their land if and when the pipeline goes through.

NewsWatch 12 did reach out to Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline officials.  They did not immediately return our calls.  The official website says the pipeline is a commitment to providing a new source of natural gas and jobs to Oregon.


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  1. RidgeRunner says:

    Yes, energy independence does come with a cost attached.

  2. Realist says:

    This IS NOT ‘energy dependence’! It’s propaganda in order for the ruling corporatocracy to ship this tainted fuel to China. The jobs will be minimal and won’t last long. Find another way to make money other than raping the planet.

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