Cities Examine Short-Term Dispensary Ban

dispensaryPHOENIX, Ore. — Oregon lawmakers could soon allow cities to temporarily ban medical marijuana dispensaries until next year, and city leaders say they could give them more time to create a long-term option for those facilities.

Some lawmakers call Senate Bill 1531 a compromise, by allowing local cities to place bans on dispensaries until 2015. Local city leaders have said they need more time to look over state laws about dispensaries and how it would affect local ordinances.

Some Rogue Valley cities have already taken steps to limit dispensaries. Last week, Central Point set rules that prevent dispensaries from opening near schools, and Mayor Hank Williams has also said he would want to ban them if the state allows it.

This week, Phoenix placed a four-month moratorium on those facilities. Mayor Jeff Bellah said he does not expect the city to need the extra time laid out in the bill.

“I think if we can get what we need to do done in the next four months, then there would be no need to,” he said.

But some dispensaries have said those rules would not stop them from staying open. The Greenery has been open in Phoenix for months, and had been issued citations from the city for operating without a business license. Director Andrea Adams said they will continue give patients access to marijuana.

“We’ve been operating for three years in the valley with many heavier threats hanging over our head,” she said. “So in my opinion this is a very minor speed bump and one that we are excited to get out of the way.”

The bill passed the house Wednesday and now moves to the Senate for approval.


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  1. Dean says:

    All we need now is heroine dispensaries. Oh, that’s right marijuana is a medicine. So we should have dedicated dispensaries for each type of medicine? Lets head down to the pain pill dispensary. Those are called pharmacies , where every other controlled substance is sold. Maybe we should have marijuana bars since all these smokers want to compare it to alcohol and tell me how much safer it is. You could stop in after work and have a hit or two on your way home. No , then we lose are medicine loophole. I’m so confused! It’s starting to sound like a lot smoke is being blown up our rear for a recreational drug to be legal. This whole area is saturated with it anyway , might as well make it completely legal. Take all the value out of it. So potheads can’t get rich unless they smuggle it out of our area. We already have an influx of growers from other states , thanks to our leniency on pot. Soon we will have an entire population of loser potheads. Remember those guys in high school we used to call stoners that never even tried to make anything of themselves? I can’t wait to have even more of them around. I hope we pull our heads out soon!

    1. sassy says:

      Let me take a wild guess here deano, you are a republican tea_bagger, quick to judge/ infringe on others rights while hiding behind their version of the constitution. Quit living in FEAR. When you pull YOUR head out, move to Arizona. They have an entire population of loser ____heads that will smell just like you!

      1. Dean says:

        Not a republican, not a tea bagger , non judging. I am for gay rights , I am for gun rights. I believe in my constitution and trust me and everybody who knows me , I do not live in fear. However , I am against drugs in my neighborhood and the “medicine” smoke screen. That is all I talked about in my first post. Then I was judged by a pothead. Smoke up Sassy. Oh I was thinking about moving to AZ for some more sunshine so you had 1 right. Sorry I infringed on your right to have a drug problem.

        1. sassy says:

          Non-judging? deano, read your own posts, THAT IS what you are doing here. Apology accepted.

          1. Dean says:

            Well sassy, how many pot card holders actually have a medical condition that requires pot? Not many. They’re giving cards to anyone who pays for the visit. You can get a card for a hang nail. It really is a joke. I guess you would feel judged if you’re a drug user so I understand your statement but there is no apologies from me.

    2. MikeD says:

      It is sad that some people can make, and furthermore believe, ludicrous and false blanketing statements. Dean, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Mike. I am a proud medical marijuana card holder, a patient whom suffers from muscle pain and nerve problems in my back, and I am also an honors student within a reputable Oregon honors program. I strive to work hard and be challenged to exceed expectations, in order to better the world within the scope of my studies. My thought is that I probably do not fit into your blanketed classification of “stoners that never even tried to make anything of themselves” as you so eloquently put it. I hope that this can be read and in-turn viewed by you as a possible new enlightenment about a preconceived idea and judgement that has not stood the test of time. As with many hypothesis, we do not always see the outcomes that we may have projected and therefore must readjust our thoughts and ideas to support this new variable within the given equation. Thanks for your time if you actually read this and hopefully you can not be quite so close-minded when it comes to alternative forms of medicinal treatments that are outside of your realm of knowledge and experience.

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