Citations Dismissed on The Greenery


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PHOENIX, Ore. — Local governments are now allowed to temporarily ban medical marijuana dispensaries.

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber signed it into law, giving cities and counties until may first to enact moratoriums that could last until May 2015. Even if cities choose not to ban them, they could still set policies and regulations for those facilities.

The City of Phoenix currently has a moratorium in place, banning store-fronts for four months. The executive director of one dispensary there was in court Thursday, answering to the 33 citations she got for operating without a business license.

Andrea Adams received 33 citations for operating The Greenery in Phoenix; on Thursday, she was found not guilty for all citations. NewsWatch12’s Kasey Kershner explains why in the video above.


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  1. Phil Davies says:

    Pot. Front page, every news outlet, every day. Our timber based economy is being replaced by a wine and pot based economy. Then pot will be legal, cheap, and we will have NO economy.

    1. Jess4409 says:

      This is the dumbest thing i’ve read all day. You are literally making people dumber with this comment.

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