Cinder Block Suspects Identified

041314_i5_creswell_block_1CRESWELL, Ore. — A 16 and 17 year old have been identified as suspects in a cinder block being dropped off of Interstate 5 and onto a moving vehicle Sunday.

Oregon State Police (OSP) received phone calls that led to identifying two juvenile males.

A woman was injured inside the car.

The lead OSP investigating trooper contacted both suspects and parents at their Creswell residences.

They are cooperating with the investigation and no arrests have been made.

The suspects’ names and other information are not being released at this time because of the ongoing investigation.


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  1. Franklin says:

    This is nothing short of attempted murder. I sincerely hope that the idiotic perpetrators are charged accordingly. It’s time to have the sentence fit the crime, and not give many years incarceration to someone with a personal amount of weed, but do indeed prosecute strongly for a heinous crime such as this.

    1. Beth says:


  2. MotherOfFour says:

    Well stated Franklin!

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